Julie Mann

Julie Mann, a native of the Philadelphia area, returned to the arts after what seemed several lifetimes in other fields, including law and engineering. After enjoying her son’s early childhood as a stay-at-home mom, Julie rediscovered her own childhood passion for making art, and has been creating ever since. Julie’s media are many and varied, but she has focused primarily on glass, metalwork, and photography. Light and shadow, texture, movement, and color are her inspirations.

“I had the great fortune of discovering the original artist collective just as it was forming, and have remained a member ever since. This wonderful community of mothers who are artists has been a great source of support and encouragement, both artistic and personal, and has challenged all those involved not only to do their best work, but also to reach beyond their comfort zones and discover previously hidden strengths.”

Formerly an attorney working to ensure a safe environment for abused and neglected children, Julie has come to learn that art too can be used for social action. Her experience working on One Year, a powerful art installation created in collaboration with fellow member artists Janice Hayes-Cha, Brenda Howell, Karen Hunter McLaughlin and Kimberly Mehler addressing the numbing of society to senseless urban violence, has inspired Julie to seek further opportunities to apply her art to social causes.

(ArtBlog’s review of One Year, and additional press)

  • Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grants, 2013 and 2011
  • Mothers In Charge Peacemaker Award, 2012
  • Miriam Belber Award for “Best in Jewelry” – Abington Art Center Annual Juried Show, 2007