Karen Hunter McLaughlin


Using a library of symbols that mimic the movement of nature; flutter of leaf, ripple of water, scatter of seed– their ebb and flow, the artist invites viewers on a journey. Time is a central objective. Ambient layers are a spiritual meditation on a life lived in one place. Karen is currently working on developing new media skills that expand her work beyond 2 dimensions, adding additional layers through animation and augmented reality.


“I’m proud of my collaboration “One Year” with fellow member artists, Janice Hayes-Cha, Brenda Howell, Julie Mann and Kimberly Mehler. One Year was a huge multi-year project (despite the name) culminating in several ambitious art installations at the Painted Bride and the sanctuary of the Rotunda on the University of Pennsylvania campus. The project was financed in part by several Leeway Foundation Art and Change grants.“

Images and more info about One Year. Read the Art Blog review.

Karen is also a website design and developer under her company- KM Digital Design. She designed and administers this site.