Karen Hunter McLaughlin


From macro to micro, the network-like structures that often illustrate gallactic space; mycorrhizal networks, brain synapses, and other human, and non-human body systems, are perfect symbols of the matrixes that support the essential nexus of human connection. Member Karen Hunter mcLaughlin uses this shared imagery as a metaphor for the unknown, the living systems we have yet to discover, and our responsibility to humble ourselves in the face of how we live, what we’re living through, and all that is yet to come.

Karen is currently exploring the fine art of monotype and the spontaneous, corrosive properties of rust. Through augmented reality using Artivive AR, she aims to free elements in some of her work – transcending the immovable properties of 2D art.

Karen is also a website designer under her company- KM Digital Design. She designed and administers this site.