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What Fresh Hell Is This?

Teresa Shield

There was a time when I didn’t pay too much attention to news cycles. I wouldn’t say I was blissfully unaware while taking care of my then small children because it wasn’t without stress by any means…at least I didn’t feel threatened or unsafe, but it’s only been within the last few years when I felt the need to be more vigilant and began watching every day. The constant waves of the most dramatic worst case scenarios on a daily bases in the news causes wide spread feelings of shock, fear, grief, sadness, anger…and we’re all just watching.

“We do not look at art. Art looks at us.”
-Joseph Albers

Teresa Shields, What Fresh Hell is This? Matter and Energy
Teresa Shields, What Fresh Hell is This? Matter and Energy

Necklace for Hilma

When I saw the Hilma Af Klint show at the Guggenheim Museum in 2019 I felt an immediate connection to her work. Without ever having seen her many drawings and paintings before that show i realized I had notebooks full of similar motifs and I use many of the same colors in the same combinations in my pallet. Then I learned we share the same birthday born 100 years apart. Based on sketches from my own sketchbooks, some dating back 20 years, I made a homage to my soul sister Hilma.

Work in Matter and Energy

Teresa Shields, What Fresh Hell is This?, Felt, magnets, wood, Price on Request
Teresa Shields, Necklace for Hilma, 2022-2023, Wool, magnets, wood mounts, Embroidery (French knots) on canvas mounted on wood panels, Price upon request

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