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Sensory Connections

Julia Way

I dwell among matter and energy that fascinates me more and more as time goes by. In particular, since becoming a caretaker of the small plot of land around the house where I live for the past 13 years, I have developed a relationship with pollinating insects and other animals through the plants that I tend. I nurture a connection to this seasonal energy by being present with sensory perceptions through my body and by taking time to allow these observations to inform a practice of making with both paints and with video. The works in this exhibition are inspired by the matter and energy that exist just outside my door.

From the poem Reinhabitation by Art Goodtimes
Listening to this one place
it’s names, its moods, its whispers
has taught me more
about Earth
& its deepening wisdoms
than any text.

Julia Way, Between Folds, Matter and Energy

Julia Way, Between the Folds, 15” x 22”, Watercolor on paper.

Work in Matter and Energy

Julia Way, Underneath, Watercolor on paper, 15” x 22″, $500.00
Julia Way, Between the Folds, Watercolor on paper, 15” x 22”, $500.00
Julia Way, Attract Biodiversity, Single channel video, 3:13 minutes, black and white with sound NFS
Julia Way, Sun Kissed, Watercolor on paper, 41″ x 29″, $1500.00

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