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Megan Grugan

I went back to the last group show I participated in with the women of Artessa Alliance and deconstructed several pieces that I had made about mental health. I work as a nurse practitioner. From March 23, 2020-December 26, 2022 (almost three years) I had only three days off from that work: one for my daughter’s college graduation, one for the death of my aunt and one for the death of my mother.

I am proud of the work that I did and continue to do, but I often worry that I may never reunite with the girl I used to be. I am her and she is me is more of a reminder to myself that this is just a stop along the path.

She is Me, Megan Grugan, Matter and Energy
I am Her
Mixed media collage
I am Her, Megan Grugan, Matter and Energy
She is Me
Mixed media collage

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