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Moving Forward

Brenda Howell

2023 has been and is a stressful year for me. Major life changes have depleted my energy and have been a distraction and deterrent to the all-consuming process of making art.

Zeal, initiative and even confidence all came to a grinding halt. But a tiny spark remained– and surprisingly grew when I began a daily practice of making small collages in a 5×8 hard-bound calendar.

In the beginning, I limited myself to 15 minutes. These quick stress-free collages satisfied my longing to be creative in ANY way and were less intimidating than staring at a large blank sheet of drawing paper.

As the days passed I began spending more than 15 minutes– sometimes it felt like time stood still as I cut, composed, and pasted. The spark slowly fanned into flame.

The year isn’t over, but this quotidian activity has been energizing and sustaining. As life settles down, I am once again reminded that I have to create. It is a compulsion.

Brenda Howell, Matter and Energy 1
Brenda Howell, Matter and Energy 2

Brenda Howell, Sample pages from Voracious Coping

Work in Matter and Energy

Brenda Howell, Voracious Coping, Hard bound calendar, collage, found objects, wire, rust, NFS

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