For Megan, this knowledge comes from an intersection of several interests: gardening, historical processes, and fibers. When Megan and her family moved to St. Peter’s Village in 2004 they inherited an extensive flower garden from the previous owner of their property. She and her husband expanded the plantings to include vegetables and natural dyeing plants.  While visiting the Joanna Iron Furnace greenholt_historicin nearby Morgantown with her family, Megan learned about the natural dyeing techniques used by early American settlers. She volunteered and now she gives presentations at festivals. (See her at the Hay Creek Festival on September 10-11th!) On to of that, Megan is a self-taught sewer and knitter who has always been interested in fibers.

Now Megan maintains a dye garden where she uses her plants in a natural dyeing process to color both yarn and fabric to be used in her art.

Teachinggreenholt_cca class

Last year Megan brought her knowledge to middle school students with fellow member Brenda Howell. Together, built a raised dye garden (still at the center) and taught a week long workshop at the Cheltenham Center for the Arts.  Their students learned three shibori techniques which use stitching and tying to create patterns (think Japanese-style tie dye) and used an indigo vat to dye their work.

This academic year Megan picked up a job teaching middle school art in West Chester while she continues to pursue a Masters of Education with teaching certification through Kutztown University.

Art Making 

What inspires her? Her garden and her cabinet of curiosities/vintage artifacts, pattern. symbolism. The moments in-between.

greenholt_ cabinetHer processes embrace spontaneous creativity. In fact, it is her attraction to the processes of art making that leads her to education and teaching. For the past few years Megan has been volunteering/working at Camphill Soltane in their textile studio. Their mission is to employ adults with and without disabilities in the production of woven, stitched, and silkscreened products. Their beautiful wares can be found at several local art festivals and online via Etsy at ingc.

greenholt_stitchedMegan joined our artist group in 2007 when her youngest child entered Kindergarten. She had just dedicated her newfound time during the school day to start making art consistently.  So, looking for collaboration and community with others, she sought out an artists’ group and found us.

A short video of a Dye Day Workshop at Megan’s Garden.