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Kimberly Mehler

In Spring, Energy converts,
Working Miracles

Sunlight shines bright
And rearranges Matter,
Sustenance for all

Matter, Energy,
Cycles of the Universe –
Decay, Renewal

Matter and Energy
What could embody this reality, literally or metaphorically, more than plants?

I continually find myself drawn to the mystery and meaning of our injured natural world, in a place where art meets science and activism. In a monoculture world, precious heirloom seed banks may yet save us. The exquisite forms that I study with my brush beckon me to learn more about the wondrous secrets they hold, as they silently whisper: Protect, Protect, Protect.

This work was created as a tribute to Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book of indigenous wisdom and science, Braiding Sweetgrass. Corn, Beans, and Squash, the three sisters, are lifegiving staples, working together it is they who gift us the energy to honor what matters – to grow, to learn, to explore, to create, to love, to share, to protect.

Work in Matter and Energy

Kimberly Mehler, Heirloom, Corn, Watercolor
Kimberly Mehle, Heirloom, Beans, Watercolor
Kimberly Mehler, Heirloom, Squash, Watercolor

(set, not sold separately), $900.00 for all 3

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