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Glynis Raisch

Drawing inspiration from the surreal tales that once enchanted me as a child—Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, and Where the Wild Things Are—I invite viewers to embrace the childlike wonder and re-energize their inner child… Do you remember the anticipation you felt waiting for the Wizard of Oz to reveal himself? Or the belief that the tooth fairy could magically leave a quarter under your pillow? What if we really could harness the power of a child’s scream or laughter? It only takes a little “faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

Inspired by the magical realms of the Spiderwick Chronicles, I bring to life the Treefolk, creatures that can metamorphose into faerie-like forms and communicate through the gentle whispers of wind blowing through their canopies. These creatures are based on the Hamadryads of Greek Myth, ethereal beings that are bonded to specific trees, weaving their stories in the canopies. The Hamadryads are believed to be the very essence of the trees, or the guardian spirits dwelling within them. Their bond is so profound that if a tree meets its demise, the Hamadryad’s fate is sealed.

Glynis Raisch, Artessa Alliance, Matter & Energy

My medium is Papier-Maché, which transforms ordinary newspaper into an art form that strikes a balance between control and spontaneity. The headlines are twisted and torn into 3-dimensional forms, but they never truly vanish under a wash of acrylic color. Through my art, I aim to evoke a sense of nostalgia, taking viewers back to the days when bedtime stories held the promise of endless adventures. But beyond nostalgia lies a deeper connection—a reminder that the fantastical worlds we inhabit as children never truly leave us. They reside within our hearts, shaping the way we perceive the world and sparking a lifelong fascination with the unknown. These stories are a reminder of our shared human experience of childhood.

Work in Matter and Energy

Glynia Raisch, Eileen, Paper Mâché, acrylic paint, $350.00

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