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Drawn Off Center

Nancy Agati

Drawn     Off Center
horizons sweep
White Lines of Energy
Span In
Expand Outwards
Pushed Against her Edge
Taken Over
with gaps in between
Awe or Oblivion

Nancy Agati, Terzi  (3rds), Matter and Energy
Nancy Agati, Terzi (3rds), mixed media paint/ink on paper, 70″ x 50″

The qualities of moving water: currents, spiraling eddies, reflection, depth, and transparency have each been points of visual inquiry within my work. Works on the topic of water vary from drawing and works on paper to sculpture, installation, and public participatory projects.

Undercurrent_ Turbine and Critical Trends are part of a series of large-scale paintings on black paper in which the primary subject relates to water and the manner in which humans observe, interact, and/or impact the flow. Each painting in the series consists of overlapping layers of handmade clay and slate pigments interspersed with inked lines building depth and cyclical motion, revealing variations of reflection and formations of flow.

While the formal aspects of this series focus on the qualities of moving water, the conceptual investigation attempts to present and understand the multi-layered, often obscured characteristics of our everyday lives. As more and more is revealed, so much more is covered up, layered, and concealed.

Undercurrent_ Turbine was made after a visit to FORCE – Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy in 2017. The energy center located at the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, conducts research on underwater tidal-powered turbines.

Redline_Critical Trends – completed in 2021 serves as a visual response to issues regarding the urban heat index.

Work in Matter and Energy

Nancy Agati, The Color of Aether, Mixed media paint/ink on paper , 66″ x 48″, 2023, Price on Request
Nancy Agati, Terzi (3rds), Mixed media paint/ink on paper, 70″ x 50″, 2023, Price on Request
Nancy Agati, Undercurrent_Turbine, Mixed media paint on paper, 59.5″ x 49.5″, Price on Request
Nancy Agati, Redline, Mixed media paint/ink on paper, 70″ x 50″, 2023, $3400

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