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Day to Day Energy

Mo Ganey

During Covid I wanted to paint looser and have been “in the tunnel” for the past 3 years learning to paint more abstractly and wrestling with composition. Lines gave so much structure to my earlier paintings and I struggled with what to paint without them. I feel I am finally finding my way into my painting style that incorporates my love of color and movement without set lines.

I love the theme of this show – Matter and Energy and am so proud to be part of this Artessa Biennial Exhibit. In a nutshell – larger issues matter but these 4 paintings reflect where a lot of my energy goes day to day and (some of ) what matters to me within a day- caring for my family, walking the dog, living in a vibrant neighborhood, working with my students, moving my body and cooking dinner.

Life is busy and full and painting is my quietness, my recharge, my deep joy.

Mo Ganey, Matter and Energy

Work in Matter and Energy

Mo Ganey, Happy Days, Acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″, $400.00
Mo Ganey, My Neighbor with Her Green Thumb, Acrylic on canvas 16″ x 20″, $400.00
Mo Ganey, Cooking is One of My Love Languages, Acrylic on canvas 16″ x 20″, $400.00
Mo Ganey, Walking the Dog at Sunset, Acrylic on canvas 16″ x 20″, NFS

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