Rebecca Schultz

Visual and Performing Artist. Arts Educator. Community-Based Arts Facilitator.

My creative practice has two primary manifestations: two-dimensional works, including drawing, printmaking, painting, and collage (the personal and spiritual); and participatory, community-engaged installation and performance (the public and pluralistic).

My drawings, paintings, and prints express and process my love of, and fear for, the natural world. Witnessing the degradation of the environment evokes both an existential sadness and a reminder to deeply see the beauty that is around me and accept that it is constantly changing. The imagery in my work references the essential qualities and forms of rocks, trees, clouds, and other elements of the natural world. The interplay between light and shadow is also a primary component of my work, reflecting the idea that in nature, things die so that others can live, or, put another way, the light cannot exist without the dark.