Nancy Agati

Nancy Agati Headshot

Artist Statement

Ideas occur at the oddest moments
then linger on pulling, persisting with little explanation.
Glimpses that emerge and transform in thought,
persist in their call to become tangible.
Things noticed from the periphery
are extracted directly from nature, or sidewalks.
With the challenge to transform and manipulate
by any means possible.
I have a penchant for elegance, a sense of order,
to investigate pattern and geometry – repetition and form.
Poised for reflection or simply to notice,
works evolve into new discoveries and further entities.

My work generally begins with an examination of visual relationships and forms found in nature – but not always. Influences include patterns of moving water, flow-like organic structures, and objects from nature that reveal order and geometry. I work in a range of mediums, from works on paper to sculpture, installation, and public participatory projects. I have come to the realization that although there is a thread to my work, it is not linear and the path is
always in flux.